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Fanfiction: Broken Hearts and Hand Grenades

Disclaimer:I do not own iCarly at all. If I did Creddie would NEVER EVER EVER happen. It would die a quick painful death. It would be all "I love you" and she would be "Well I don't so you should move on" and then he would mourn for like a season, but at the beginning of the next one he'd be "Okay. I moved on. I need someone who challenges me and you don't." and that would be that.
Author: thebigdisaster
Rating: T or PG-13
Fandom: iCarly
Pairing: Sam/Freddie
Word Count: 1900
Summary: Or maybe her greatest fear is that he already knows that she...he knows she cares more than she should.

Go here.
Tags: character: freddie benson, character: sam puckett, fanfiction
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